You don’t have to diet

Don’t diet! Watch this video.

Ximena tried every kind of diet and was on the brink of having surgery when she decided to try hypnotherapy to help her lose weight. Once she met Jan and talked it over with her she realized that Jan “wasn’t going to make me cluck like a chicken” and that she could trust hypnotherapy to work.

Ximena found it easier to make choices about what she ate and the kind of exercise she wanted to do. Hypnotherapy was “life-changing” for her and she’s achieved amazing results.

These are just some of the Hypnotherapy sessions that Ximena and I had together…

  • “Stop Sugary food and drink” Hypnosis. (Immediate stoppage of these cravings and no interest)
  • “Motivation to exercise” Hypnosis.
  • “Timeline Therapy to Release Negative Emotions” (related to comfort eating)
  • “Compelling Future” written by Ximena and then put into the Subconscious Mind in Trance.(Very powerful!)
  • “Goal Setting” for Ximena’s goal weight and size in Hypnosis.
  • “Pattern Interruption”  Hypnosis. ( New positive habits and behaviours)
  • “Control Room”  Hypnosis ( in your mind you can reduce, or increase levels of motivation, appetite, energy, tastes and emotions… It’s fun!)
  • “Parts Therapy”  ( Working with the “part” of her that over eats)
  • “The Golden Keys To Weight Loss” Hypnosis.
  • “Age Regression”

As well as the Hypnosis I also taught Ximena Mindfulness and Hunger Scaling and we had many wonderful, engaging sessions, doing Hypnosis and

talking about her life and issues that were affecting her eating habits and behaviour around food. It is important to address the Conscious Mind as well as the powerful

Subconscious Mind.

We also discussed meal, nutrition, and recipes with new interesting ways of eating and cooking including dining out, which can be a trigger for some people. 

As with every client that I see I spend time getting to know you and watching for patterns and behaviours around food and eating, that serve you no purpose anymore, so that we can change them into more positive ones that will give you a healthier life and make losing weight easy for you.

You don’t have to diet. In fact, it can cause more problems. Find out why.