I would like to share some of my wonderful testimonials from my fantastic clients 

The following testimonials are not indicative of future performance and or success. Results with hypnosis vary. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

purple love heart“Finally! I am a non-smoker after a 30 year habit! And it was easy to stop with the help of Jan Davidson hypnotherapist. If you want to stop smoking then I have no hesitation in recommending Jan Davidson who will succeed in helping you quit without stress. I can’t believe how easy it was! Jan is a registered and accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor. It took 3 sessions with her to kick my habit and I feel fantastic both mentally and physically. Through hypnotherapy, Jan is able to plant the right messages into your subconscious mind to make it easy to stop the awful habit. There are no tricks, it is a wonderful holistic approach conducted with the utmost integrity. I was concerned that I would replace the smoking with eating and therefore gain weight, but Jan also helped me manage this. If you want to change something in your life, I highly recommend Jan as a professional person who can and will help you.”

Wendy, Melbourne

purple love heart”I came in to Jan’s hypnotherapy session on a whim and without a great deal of hope that I would kick my junk food and inactivity habits. After the hour session I remember having a strong craving for cucumber, and that craving for clean healthy foods has now entirely replaced my fat and salt cravings. I haven’t eaten a morsel of junk since and I don’t miss it. On the activity front I would have NEVER contemplated even daily casual walks, I would get bored and give up after a couple of laps of the nearby oval.

After the session I took the plunge and woke up early to find it wasn’t a struggle to chuck on my coat and get out there. And it was really enjoyable. Now I find myself walking 30-60 minutes before work, 20 mins at lunch, and 30-40 minutes after work. My mind and body feel refreshed and active encountering the locals and their dogs in the park, and it’s beautiful noticing the changes in light from dewy mornings to dusky nights. I would have alternatively been cooped up in my bedroom chain watching episodes of Breaking Bad. All in all, I now have my priorities in order and am stoked, and would recommend anyone to give it a crack. Thanks Jan!”
Alice, Camberwell

purple love heart”Hi Jan, I just wanted to say thank you. I have tried many different techniques to quit smoking and for the first time in this long and arduous journey , I am finally able to stop smoking…… due to you! I will be recommending your Hypnotherapy services to all my smoking friends who are unsuccessfully trying to quit. Thank you so much for your help , because you have made quitting smoking possible!”
Travis, Camberwell

purple love heart“Jan you are amazing! Thank you so much for helping me quit. I thought I never would be a non smoker & i tried everything!!! It feels so good to be free of it after all these years. I can’t thank you enough. To Anyone out there, if you want to quit, don’t hesitate, call jan now. She is amazing!”
Jodi, Melbourne.

purple love heart“Jan, besides being a great hypnotherapist and counsellor, has a very special gift, which is to be able to win your trust in minutes, and she uses your trust in her for your benefit. I was Jan s client quite a few times for motivation in my career and studies, as well as confidence and self-esteem. Over a few months of seeing Jan , I felt very comfortable and safe with her, as it felt like I could tell her anything and she will take even the most embarrassing story or thought without any judgement or even without the slightest lift of an eyebrow. She is like Mother Earth; she just carries and neutralizes anything.
To go to Therapy with Jan was always a great release as I felt lighter and free of any negative emotions and habits I had, as well as feeling more optimistic even before I realized any changes had happened. Unfortunately I cannot tell what she is doing while I am in Hypnosis because I have no conscious memory of what happens, but, whatever Jan does, it works and I have benefited from it immensely in my personal life and career, enabling me to chase my dreams and goals while feeling extremely confident and motivated to do what has to be done, instead of feeling lazy, negative and totally unmotivated to do anything. Thank you Jan for helping me!”

purple love heart“I decided to see Jan after having tried various different Therapies to seek relief from heavy and extremely painful menstrual cycles, which often left me in bed for a few days each month. Wow!!! Jan is amazing, from the first session with her I have to say that I noticed a difference in my overall wellbeing and on my first cycle after seeing her I noticed a reduction in the flow and much less pain, so much so that painkillers were not needed. On my third session with Jan I noticed also an increase in my energy levels as well, allowing me to go about my daily life feeling great with renewed energy and a positive outlook on life again. Since then, every month my cycle has been more manageable and pain free. I am now able to do things when I have my periods and I honestly cannot remember when I last felt like this……maybe years. Thanks again Jan for bringing some normality into my life.”
Marie L.

purple love heart“I have been seeing Jan Davidson for hypnotherapy and counselling for nearly a year, on and off. I originally came to see Jan for nail-biting then, saw her for anxiety and stress related issues that I have had for years. Jan helped me with these issues as well as goal-setting for my business and relationship problems. I now have very little stress and enjoy taking time out to relax with my family (Jan has taught me how) and friends and most of all I now have beautifully manicured nails for the first time in years. My goal-setting skills that Jan helped me with have made me achieve so much on a personal level, as well as within my business, and I will continue to use all these skills into the future. Jan is a warm, caring person, and is an extremely knowledgeable Therapist. I always leave my sessions knowing exactly what my next steps are to improve my life, and leave her Clinic feeling so relaxed, as her sessions are so good I never want to come out of Hypnosis, as the journey Jan takes you on is incredible. I highly recommend Jan to anyone wanting to resolve the most complex issues to the simplest as she is right there with you all the way, helping you to overcome or make the changes you want. Hard to find a hypnotherapist and counsellor that cares so much and follows you up to ensure you success.
Love your work Jan!”

purple love heart“Dear Jan,

Re:  My four consultations with you:

I am writing to say how much I valued the time I spent with you under your professional care as a hypnotherapist and counsellor.  Thank you.

I came to you in mid-September, 2013, for the first of four sessions to seek relief from chronic pain, stiffness and anxiety due to delayed and prolonged recovery after a bilateral denervation of the branch nerves of the facet joints C4, 5, and 6.  I  had undergone this procedure in mid-June 2013.Over a musical career spanning more than fifty years, including piano and organ studies, performance and teaching, as well as choir conducting and singing, I developed arthritic changes in my neck and shoulders. This ‘wear and tear’ brought pressure to bear on the neck joint branch nerves, causing neuropathic pain of increasing intensity.  The denervation was to stop the nerves sending out pain signals and so give me some lasting relief.  However, the procedure actually aggravated the pain and I was in a worse state, resulting in enhanced anxiety and tension.

When I came to see you the neuropathic pain was at last receding, but I was left with a heavy burden of neck and shoulder stiffness which severely restricted my head and neck movement.  It felt like I was carrying a concrete block on my shoulders!   I had ceased taking prescription medication (nothing really worked for me – rather,  my cognitive abilities were adversely affected).  Regular physiotherapy was giving me some respite from the stiffness, but no lasting benefit.

Over the four consultations I had with you I experienced a separation from my discomfort by gradual relaxation into a tension-reducing  hypnotic trance.   In the fourth session I felt I had reached a ‘eureka’  moment, when, under your gentle coaxing, I finally slipped deeply into subconsciousness.  I let go all tension – physical and mental, to enter a state where I felt a velvet peace,  where not a trace of discomfort, or any awareness, was present.  What sweet comfort!

When I regained reality you proceeded to teach me the steps to self-hypnosis, where, just on entering the trance state, while in a state of peaceful awareness, I can appeal to my sub-conscience for healing.  I now know I can feel confident that my subconscious mind is always working to keep me safe and well.   This is an enlightening concept for me, with very profound ramifications.

I am amazed that you were able unlock so many aspects of my personality in a relatively small space of time!  And the process was most enjoyable – confronting sometimes, but always resulting in self-discovery and enlightenment.

At each visit you were extremely generous with your time.  I appreciated your friendly, unhurried approach to communicating effectively with me in coaxing out acknowledgement that life experiences, including repercussions from other past physical hurt, have contributed to my present state of stiffness and tension.   You helped me work out strategies to stop the past from impinging negatively on me now.  You also gave me tips on how to improve my personal relationships and generally create a happier me.

You helped me to feel okay about taking steps to reduce the heavy burden of my current work commitments,  and about creating more time for myself to let go and have fun.  And this has already started to pay dividends for me as I am practising your advice and feeing generally more cheerful.

Thank you also for your CDs on guiding me into hypnosis, and for your recommended reading, which offers me additional insight into changing my negative patterns of thinking and behaving.

It has been cathartic for me to write this testimonial!  When I read it back I realise just what a difference meeting you has had on my life, and I really am most grateful!

Thank you most sincerely.
In fond appreciation, Judith


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