Confidence and Self Esteem Issues



Feel more confident with higher self-esteem with Hypnotherapy
Hypno Healing


This will comfortably give you results from the first session that will help you to ;

  • Feel more driven, motivated and inspired.
  • Change old unwanted habits.
  • Have feelings of regaining control of your life.
  • Feel empowered.
  • Feel strong, confident and happier.
  • Release unwanted negative emotions and feelings.
  • Go for that new job with confidence.
  • Sit for those exams with a lot less fear and anxiety.
  • Improve your sports performance.
  • Find that new partner.
  • Make new friends easily.
  • Have more focus and and concentration.
  • Feel and be more independent in life.
  • Achieve all those goals you have dreamed about.
  • Face those challenges with confidence, and drive.
  • Learn to say NO.

How to Book an Appointment
Appointments can be booked by calling Jan direct on 1300 226 987.

Please note:
Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full appointment fee unless we are able to reschedule within a fortnight.