Anxiety Testimonials

Clients have realised amazing results through Hypnotherapy for Anxiety.

She was able to help me overcome

“Jan provides a service like no other, she is professional yet makes you feel like you have known her for years. Before seeing Jan, I suffered with a fear of public speaking and anxiety associated with this. Jan sat me down and explained the process and then got onto the issue that was causing the anxiety. From this, she was able to help me overcome this with Hypnotherapy. Each time I had a Hypnotherapy session with Jan, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Jan for all of your help and placing me on the right path for the journey ahead.”

In just three sessions

‘I went to see Jan to try and relive anxiety that had come about over 18 months due to some significant life events. I was having trouble functioning day to day and my anxiety was escalating. I turned up for the first of 3 sessions with Jan feeling tired and anxious. After a chat about the how’s and whys we got to the hypnosis. I left feeling very relaxed and had a great night’s sleep. Over the following few days my level of anxiety went from a 7 or 8 out of 10 down to around a 3. I started feeling less stress, less self-doubt and more confident. 

The next session got straight to the root of the problem which had been causing the anxiety. It was a bit emotional but the relief I felt was life changing.

The last session helped me to strengthen the confidence and contentment which has now started to come to the fore.

Thank you Jan, for helping me get my life back! The self-doubt is all but gone and I’m looking forward to this feeling getting stronger over time.

Jan is a kind, compassionate person with a great deal of experience who knows exactly how to help a person in need of relief from debilitating anxiety. I’m very grateful that our paths crossed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. ‘                                                               Tess, Surrey Hills

A large impact on my life

I would like to thank Jan Davidson for the light she has brought into my life. I sought Jan out after suffering from deep anxieties for over 20 years. I am 48 and have been in a large organisation for 25 years, as a successful middle manger. For the last 20 years, I have had to cope with fear of public speaking and other anxieties that were having a large impact on my life.

Made me feel relaxed

From the moment I engaged with Jan, I had a sense of caring and warmth that you don’t always get when dealing with a professional. I had a feeling that my welfare and wellbeing really mattered to Jan. She was a terrific listener and made me feel very relaxed and confident to explain my fears and hopes, in a non judgemental environment.

Drastic improvement in my outlook 

It only took three sessions with Jan, for me to notice a drastic improvement in my outlook in life. I suddenly was looking forward to opportunities, rather than seeing only challenges ahead. It was like a huge weight had been lifted from me. By coincidence an incredible work opportunity presented itself, during my sessions with Jan. I was able to grasp the opportunity and feel my life has never been better.

Thank you Jan for your wonderful help.  Regards, Terry

My relationship has improved 

I have recently seen Jan for a series of 3 treatment sessions. In that short time I`ve noticed considerable change to many facets of my life. Better sleeping patterns, more confidence at work, not avoiding social invitations and more importantly, I`m liking/loving daily life a lot more. 
I`ve procrastinated all my life. Always found excuses not to participate in basic life. But recently I`ve read half a book, I walk daily along the beach, interact more with people at work and and generally feel more relaxed. My relationship with my daughter has improved and we eat more together in the evening. That means a lot to me. I thoroughly recommend Jan to anyone looking for a little help with life. 

I was getting fantastic value

“Jan’s Hypno Healing Clinic was recommended to me by a friend to treat my chronic insomnia. I found right from the start, Jan to have a very caring attitude and her sole focus was to help me overcome insomnia. She was extremely generous with her time and I felt I was getting fantastic value for money. Jan kept in touch with me after appointments which gave me extra support. My insomnia and anxiety after three appointments have improved significantly and I am sleeping normally and enjoying life to the fullest.”

”I thoroughly recommend Jan to anyone who may be suffering insomnia or anxiety.”

All my stress just disappears

I have been seeing Jan for hypnotherapy on and off for nearly a year.  She is warm, caring and extremely knowledgeable, and has helped counsel me in many areas.  I always leave knowing what my next steps are and realise all my stress just disappears after a session with her.  Her sessions are so relaxing, I never want to come out of hypnosis and the journey Jan takes you on is always amazing.  I highly recommend Jan to anyone wanting to resolve the most complex issues, as she will be right there with you all the way, helping you to overcome or make the changes you want.  Hard to find a hypnotherapist that cares so much and follows you up to ensure your success. 

Love your work Jan xx Shez