Mp3 Recordings

I have several mp3 recordings on offer designed to assist you in your respective goal obtainment.

All these Mp3s have been professionally recorded in a sound studio and are of very high quality, and have specific hypnotic music, so to be highly effective, should be listened to with headphones or earphones.

They are all gentle forms of Hypnosis where you are guided by Jan’s soothing Hypnotic voice.

The Mp3 can be listened to as much as you like, however best done in the morning and at night.

” Easy Weight Loss ” Mp3;

A wonderfully deep relaxing beginning to this professionally recorded  Mp3, which will allow you to drift away to a gentle hypnotic state where you are then  taken on a journey of positive thoughts and feelings of wanting to eat only healthy food in small amounts that gives you a feeling of lightness and well-being.

There is also suggestions of confidence and motivation so that you effortlessly move your body in a way that is appropriate for you to lose weight easily without feelings of having to diet or have cravings that trigger comfort eating or bingeing.

This wonderful Mp3 is extremely popular with Jan’s clients as it gives you subconscious suggestions of energy, feeling comfortably satisfied with small amounts of food without the deprivation of dieting.

“Quit Smoking ” Mp3;

A wonderfully deep relaxing beginning, to this professionally recorded Mp3, which will allow you to drift away to a gentle, peaceful hypnotic state. 

Subconsciously there are suggestions that  you do not want to pollute and harm your body by inhaling smoke and chemicals into your lungs and organs. There is a deep healing suggestion included within this Mp3 so that the subconscious mind can protect and heal the body while it recovers.

Included are feelings of well-being and energy and motivation to stop smoking for the right reasons that are appropriate for you.

This Mp3 is very popular as support while becoming a non-smoker and alot of people comment on the fact that they sleep deeply after listening to this amazing Mp3.

“Deep Relaxation” Mp3;

This is a Self-hypnosis recording that is deeply relaxing, taking you into a Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Hypnosis, to a beautiful setting on a Mountain Lake, where you will feel very safe, tranquil and protected.
Upon listening to it, the body and the mind will become deeply relaxed, and ready for a good nights sleep or, to begin your day feeling alert , energized and calm, ready for whatever comes your way.

I hope you enjoy this recording and get many hours of tranquility, and physical calmness, with clarity of mind.


To order simply click on the respective PayPal button below, and send me an email ( with your receipt number and i’ll forward on the mp3 to you.

Hypnosis Recordings