Hypnosis for Public Speaking

Having a fear of public speaking not only can hold you back socially and professionally but can stop you from enjoying life. Whether you need to give a business presentation, a speech at a party or just want to be yourself in front of your friends, the good news is that hypnosis can help you find your “outer” voice.

What causes the fear of public speaking?

Many times the fear of speaking in public comes from a lack of self-confidence /esteem but also social fears including:

• Being the centre of attention
• Forgetting what to say or not remembering part of a speech/presentation
• Being judged by others
• Being laughed at by other people

These fears can lead to people being self-conscious, fearful of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing especially in front of their boss. Sometimes just being in an unfamiliar situation or place can make them uncomfortable and fearful of speaking in public.

Which symptoms may you experience?

The body’s natural flight/fight response takes over when a person is fearful making them want to escape a situation that they feel is dangerous. In the case of public speaking, a person feels they would like to take “flight” and leave or avoid the situation where they need to speak in front of other people. If you have a phobia of public speaking, you may experience these symptoms:

• An inability to speak or shaky voice
• Feeling nervous and/or embarrassed
• Shortness of breath and/or tight chest
• Rapid breathing
• Sweating and/or blushing
• Shaking
• Nausea
• A mental block
• Feelings of panic

How can hypnosis treat a fear of public speaking?

Taking a look at your past experiences and history, a hypnotherapist can help you find the root cause of your fears and create positive messages that will let you relieve old fears. By helping you relax and build your self-confidence, your hypnotherapist can use hypnosis to:

• Change your perception so that you perceive that audiences are friendly rather than critical and judging
• Let you rehearse speeches, presentations and/or performances in a positive setting
• Build positive thought patterns that allow you to become calm and deal with stress

How to Book an Appointment
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