Hypnosis for Fear of Driving

The fear of driving is one of the most common phobias. It can hold people back from leading a fully productive life professionally and socially. Thankfully, it is also very treatable through hypnosis. Whether you are hesitant to drive or have given up driving all together, a qualified hypnotherapist can help you make a full recovery.

What are the common causes of driving phobias?

A fear of driving often begins after a traumatic event like a car accident or an uneasy feeling when driving on the freeway. It can start by simply being a bit hesitant or nervous when driving and can develop into a phobia where driving is avoided. Many people with a driving phobia fear:

• Being stuck in a traffic jam
• Losing control of their vehicle
• Being involved in a car accident
• Taking part in vehicle manoeuvres, for example, overtaking and merging lanes
• Fainting while driving
• Vomiting while in the car

Which symptoms may be experienced?

As with other forms of anxiety, the symptoms of driving phobia are linked to the body’s fight/flight responses. These are the body’s natural responses to fear. When fearful of driving, a person can experience:

• Heart palpitations
• Shortness of breath
• Sweating
• Disorientation and confusion
• Dizziness
• Dry mouth

How can the fear of driving be treated?

Through the use of hypnosis, a person can once again become a cool, calm and confident driver. By creating positive messages and retraining the subconscious mind, a hypnotherapist can help them recover from a fear of driving. With the help of specialised techniques a hypnotherapist can:

• Re-educate a person to see a perceived threat or danger in more rational and resourceful way
• Draw attention to particular images, thoughts, perceptions and feelings that change conditioned responses and behaviours
• Create “practice driving sessions” during therapy that encourage practical driving sessions with a skilled driver

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