Hypnosis for Comfort Eating

Whether you like a quick snack before going to bed or prefer to drown your sorrows with sweets after a bad day at work, emotional eating can add plenty of unwanted kilos to your waistline and negatively impact your health. With the help of hypnosis, you’ll be able to take steps to ensure that your emotions no longer rule what and when you eat.

Why do people emotional eat?

People generally undertake comfort eating due to underlying psychological issues. These are usually caused by past experiences in which feelings have been left unresolved. As a result of these feelings there is an illogical and unconscious desire to eat even when not hungry. For some people this desire to eat is accompanied by a feeling of emptiness that can mask itself as hunger. People most likely to comfort eat when they are:

• Stressed
• Anxious
• Bored
• Have relationship issues
• Lack confidence
• Scared of failure
• Ill and want to make themselves feel better
• Want to give themselves a reward

What are the signs of comfort eating?

Emotional eating can become a habit or an addiction. This is evident as many people who eat for comfort become upset about their weight and behaviour but are unable to stop eating. People that are comfort eaters tend to:

• Yo-yo diet
• Gain weight
• Punish themselves by going hungry
• Have distorted attitudes towards eating, weight and body shape
• Feel out of control
• Blame themselves when things go wrong
• Have poor self-esteem
• Be ruled by food

How can hypnosis help with emotional eating?

By finding out and addressing the root cause, hypnotherapy can use the subconscious mind to create positive messages about eating and food. These messages can help build new thoughts patterns and contribute to behavioural changes. As a result, a hypnotherapist can help people so that they can:

• Notice the urge to take part in comfort eating when past triggers arise
• Enjoy hunger and eating delicious food
• Stop worrying about starving and resist the desire for late night snacks

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