Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

Even though statistically flying is safer than driving a car, it is estimated that 10-40% of people have anxiety about travelling in a plane. By using proven hypnosis techniques, you too, can conquer your fear and feel free to fly for business or pleasure.

Why are people scared of flying?

The fear of flying can stem from childhood or can surface after a terrifying flying experience such as an emergency landing or extreme turbulence. It can also be caused by:

• Claustrophobia
• Fear of heights (agoraphobia)
• Not liking not being in control of a situation
• Fear of turbulence
• Misunderstanding of aviation principles
• Fear of vomiting
• Fear of not being able to reach the toilet in time

Which symptoms do people usually experience?

Many symptoms that people experience are associated with the body’s natural fight/flight response. Some symptoms only start on the day of the flight while others may occur as early as the day the trip is planned. Before or during the trip people may experience:

• Panic attacks
• Hyperventilation
• Claustrophobia
• Feeling out of control or uncomfortable
• Racing heartbeat
• Dry mouth
• Vomiting
• Sweating
• Blurred vision
• Muscle tension
• Undue worry days, weeks or months before the flight

How can hypnosis help people overcome the fear of flying?

Hypnosis can successful treat the fear of flying by identifying and addressing the root cause of the phobia. Many times the cause has been lodged in the person’s subconscious since childhood and has been triggered by an event later in life. A hypnotherapist can help people overcome their fear by:

• Communicating with their subconscious so that they can re-evaluate their thinking patterns and behaviour
• Giving them the tools to control their fear that lets them enter a relaxed, calm and focused state of mind
• Taking them on a “test flight” that lets them remain on the ground

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